Pictures of two bull elk battling in the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park

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featuring bull elk posters, elk photos and pictures from a rare bull elk rut battle that took place in Yellowstone National Park during the fall of 2005.

These dramatic photos captured on the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park provide a rare glimpse at how the Rocky Mountain Bull Elk challange each other for dominance over harems of cow elk. The bull elks bugling can be heard throughout the valley, as they vocally challenge and defend their territory from rival bulls.

The photos on the elk poster show the complete elk rut ritual from bugling, antler display, the locking of antlers, the crashing together of the two bull elk, to the herd bull finally driving off the challenger. These pictures also show the swollen hump and neck of the bull elk in rut.

Photos and poster of two bull elk rutting in the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park

In this poster, the water from the Madison River in Yellowstone National Park enhances this ancient display of strength - the elk rut.

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These bull elk photos were taken with a 600mm lens at a safe distance. The elk were photographed a few miles west of the Madison campground in Yellowstone National Park. It was one of the most amazing wildlife momments I have ever witnessed in my travels through the rocky mountain states of the U.S.A. I am glad to offer these rare elk pictures, photos and posters to wildlife enthusiasts from all around the world.

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